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power plant accident would cause a fatal blow when the Yangtze River Basin," "it is imperative to upgrade nuclear safety modifications as soon as possible regulations "and other four states that" a river lakes "(Taohuajiang Hunan, Hubei Xianning large farm, Jiangxi Pengze three nuclear power plants) power plant siting or whether the technology used, the safety issues there are some key factors that urgent in-depth study prudent decision-making, and are located in the Yangtze River basin sensitive, security risks can not be underestimated.Shortly thereafter, Zhang Hua Chen Expert Committee Office of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation wrote in response,   nike air max thea hombre clarify for the seven nuclear power AP1000 design control document. The paper points out, CAP1000 Design "lakes a river," the three nuclear power plants to be adopted, with the United States is building four AP1000 nuclear power plant is the same level of security, there is no essential difference, in line with the highest safety standards.Insiders address him, "more and more difficult coastal siting of nuclear power, nuclear power inland imperative." However, a person admitted nuclear power equipment, construction of inland nuclear power on the environment are higher, requires water, the wind speed reaches a certain

 speed, the perennial windless period can not be too long. In addition, there is a big hidden costs of nuclear power plants on the processing and post-processing of nuclear materials, such as the late removal of nuclear power plants, many find places to bury the waste, and can never be reused."If you maintain a long-term planning, it is imperative inland nuclear power." Another nuclear power, told reporters.Century Securities research report pointed out that, according to the construction of nuclear power planning objectives, by nike air max 2014 baratas  2020, China's nuclear power installed capacity will reach 58 million kilowatts, built capacity will reach 30 million kilowatts, and as of the end of 2014, our country in the transport and construction crew less than 50 million kilowatts, to achieve the planned objectives, expected from 2015 to 2020 and the completion of new construction installed capacity of about 39 million kilowatts, the next six years, new construction and completion of annual installed capacity of about 6.5 million kilowatts.These nuclear admitted that Taohuajiang nuclear power plant has big upfront investment, and can not drag on, and it intends to inland nuclear power as a demonstration, or is the first inland nuclear power restart, but subject to three Haiyang

 nuclear power construction tardiness is expected the project will be considered until after AP1000 clear, "estimates are subject to change by the end of May after the end of the main pump durability test, right "In his view, "Thirteen Five" during the restart inland nuclear power is still a great possibility, otherwise the previous long-term planning will vanish into thin air, "He (Jo shade) Academy is distinct opposition point of view or the view before, for this The most effective way is kind of controversial public debate. "Nuclear technology main propulsion ring trueMany industry insiders are in an interview with reporters, said, inland nuclear power is currently unable to restart, in addition to considerations of safe and secure, but still waiting for AP1000 solve technical problems, but nike air max 97 españa  the main obstacle is the current domestic nuclear power technology roadmap dilemma, AP1000 reactor first touch some difficulties with the original plan not yet possible to quantify the promotion.In 2003, China made the introduction of US Westinghouse AP1000 technology, cooperation and build our own projects based on four units, in the digestion and absorption of imported technology, based on independent innovation, and the establishment of the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation and other four decision; in September 2014, which lasted 17 months The CAP1400 demonstration project (ie, Shandong Rongcheng unit) end review, in line with "

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strategy has failed. She believes that invest more political capital to persuade other countries far from Asian investment bank "does not make sense."Economides added an appeal to the US investment bank. She wrote that the United States added an the market is expected to bid farewell to the off-season signing. Some cities rebound phenomenon. March is expected to focus on the city's market will be nike air max 95 comprar significant chain soared, rising up to a certain extent.Entirely favorable policiesSince March, the good news at the policy level has also been released. 2015 government work report, "In support of the residents own homes and improve housing demand and promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market." And presentation of last year is different, does not appear "control," "suppression" and other words, but with the "support", the word "promote" the.This year's economic growth pressures greater reality, but also the role of the real estate industry in the economic growth of the more prominent. Dawei that regulators positive attitude during the two sessions on the property market, coupled with the local

government financial dependence on the land still higher the status quo, deregulation means that real estate can be expected.Analysts believe that a number of agencies, deregulation channel is turned on, whether it is local government or the relevant ministries, the property market is likely to continue to introduce deregulation policy.After the purchase of the majority of the city on the "restriction order" to be adjusted to reduce higher-tier cities restriction barriers voice, embodied in the lower age restriction, allowing foreign household population buy two suites. It is understood that the latter served as policy proposals are submitted to the relevant nike air max 90 comprar regulatory bodies.Insiders suggested that the minimum down payment to buy two suites by the current 60% to 50%. Analysts estimate, this measure larger impact on the market, regulators may launch prudent.On the revenue side, in order to reduce transaction costs, second-hand housing transactions exempt from sales tax for five years to adjust to life by two years. "Less than five years or only second-hand housing transaction tax levied by the difference of 20%" clause may also be adjusted.Following the restart nuclear coastal and inland nuclear power is on the agenda again. "Daily Economic News" reporter

 yesterday (March 19) from the Department learned several nuclear power, since Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission is undertaking to "Thirteen Five" period whether to restart the inland nuclear power plant building a comprehensive demonstration, Currently not yet released a final conclusion. However, stakeholders told reporters, is expected to get a clear energy "Thirteen Five" plan.Reporters learned that the construction of inland nuclear power issues, from December last year, has already begun discussions, the National Development and Reform Commission also commissioned the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the country's top experts convened demonstration. "Demonstration of different levels, from bottom to top, back and nike air max 2015 hombre  forth debate for a long time." A nuclear power, told reporters. Indeed, the recent discussion on inland nuclear power after another."Thirteen Five" to restart the possibility of a largeMarch 10, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zuoxiu, researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council Wang Yinan co-authored the "Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces to develop nuclear power safety risk should not be underestimated," a text, circulating in the industry and cause hot.The article "Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Nuclear Power Station site conditions inland nuclear power in Europe and America are great differences", "AP1000 technology is not the highest international safety standards", "nuclear

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 investment bank, it is necessary to help improve the management level of the organization, can also play a "corrective" role within the organization. In addition, the United States joined the investment bank can ensure that Asian investment and financing process, US companies can get a fair chance to bid.She said that if the United States does not fit the moment "face" that can be publicly acknowledged Asian investmentnike air max lunar hombre  bank to provide urgent need for Asian infrastructure funding, then quickly with Australia, South Korea and Japan agreed on common guidelines added an investment bank.Economides said the United States and of course the other option is not to control Asian investment bank it, and do not put pressure on other countries again, let it be.Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on the 17th there were reports that France, Germany, Italy, have agreed to vote added an express line, Asian investment bank is an open, inclusive and multilateral development agencies in response, China welcomed the willingness of the country as a founding

member of the decision as soon as possible State added an investment bank. Hong Lei said that the active participation of countries outside the region will help to reflect the broad representation of Asian investment bank. China is willing to work with all parties to work together to fight an Asian investment bank to achieve a win-win all parties and professional, efficient infrastructure investment and financing platform for regional infrastructure and contribute to economic development.  China Securities Journal reporter comprar salomon xt hornetlearned that executives pay close attention to the problems of the property market, housing construction and other departments require countermeasures, good policy reserves, stabilize the real estate market. Relevant departments have prepared reserve policy. Among them, in addition to taxes, purchase, mortgage deregulation, but also include increased shantytowns support efforts to attract social capital to join and so on. Currently, the authorities are waiting for the right time to launch the relevant policies.Analysts believe that the good news and the constant reports of loose monetary environment during the two sessions in a row to bring interest rates down show prospective real estate policy environment will gradually relaxed.

Central and local governments will be intensive introduction favorable policies to promote and support just need to "de-stocking" process.Market bottomedSpring factors impact on the market dynamics, the industry seems to be larger than expected. National Bureau of Statistics data show that from January to February, the national real estate investment growth, sales, and other indicators to get to the overall decline. Among them, the January-February, the national real estate sales area 87.64 million square meters, down 16.3%; commercial sales 597.2 billion yuan, down 15.8%.Analysts believe that the data in the doldrums mainly because of factors affecting the holidays. Since the fourth quarter of last year, many local real estate transaction volume, high demand nike air max thea baratasoverdraft."This year's Spring Festival of the property market in recent years the most dismal." The industry believes that, despite the listed room business performance is acceptable, but profit margins continue to decline and the overall supply and demand situation reversed the status quo, so that the industry market confidence fell to lows.Entered in March, the situation began to improve. Centaline data show that in March, 54 key cities nationwide real estate sales volume appeared steady upward trend, has been restored to the level before the Spring Festival.Centaline Dawei, chief analyst believes that with the holidays are over and cut interest rates to stimulate, March second half

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